Show Us Your Mojo – Guitar Builds by Chuck Chambers

I wanted to share some pictures of a couple guitars I built using Mojo bodies and pickup kits.  I wound the pickups with your PE wire.  All of the items were top quality and look, play and sound great.  Thanks for providing quality parts and trustworthy service!!!!

Chuck Chambers
Chambers Custom Guitars and Amps

Chuck Chambers / Chambers Custom Guitars and Amps

Show Us Your Mojo Spotlight: Fender ’66 Vibrolux Reverb Cab

Hi George,Just finished the conversion on the Fender ’66 Vibrolux Reverb, thought you might like to see some pics.

It turned out extremely well. Locating and accurately drilling the chassis mounting screw holes was a bit painstaking, but other than that, everything went together smoothly. Thank your cabinet shop for me, they did a great job.

Bill Gruner