Mojotone’s Custom Wound Classic PAF Pickup Video

Here’s a video recorded by one of our customers who purchased Mojotone’s Custom Wound Classic Wound PAF Pickups.

Here’s what he had to say about our Custom Wound Classic PAFs:

A little jamming featuring the Mojotone “Classic Wound” PAF pickups in my R8 Les Paul. These are the most balanced PAF style pickups I have played. They are very clean and responsive sounding. The dirty tone is a CMATMODS Signa Drive. From the Mojotone website:

“Classic Wound PAF’s represent the best from the late 50s era with just the right amount of output, making these some of the most versatile humbuckers available for almost any playing style. They are stock with alnico 2 magnets, short leg nickel silver baseplate, single conductor leads and vintage spec plain enamel wire. The neck pickup is a lower output for excellent clarity and warmth without becoming muddy like so many neck position humbuckers can be. The bridge pickup has a warm, airy presence with plenty of output and sustain. Together, the bridge and neck pickups are very well balanced. Neck is 7.6k and bridge is 8.5k”

Custom Wound Classic PAF Humbucker F-Spaced
Custom Wound Classic PAF Humbucker

Thanks to Mike Nix for the great video submission!
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