Mojo Musical Supply wants you to send us your custom projects or any work that has Mojo in it. See what others have sent in. This could be…
Mojo in your rig
*Please include a list and a description of the Mojo products you used in completing your project.
** Mojo does not support and will not condone the improper use of trademarks. We will not use or accept any submission that includes a trademark used in conjunction with a product that was not produced by that company. In other words – an original Marshall chassis with a reproduction cabinet and a logo (purchased legally – not counterfeit) is ok. A reproduction tweed deluxe circuit with a Fender logo is not.

Mojo Musical Supply wants you to Shout Out!

This can be Testimonials, Accolades or simply Show Us Your Mojo by sending us your custom projects or any work that has Mojo in it.

We are dedicated to providing you the best possible experience at Mojo. This site is dedicated to you. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mojo Musical Supply & Mojotone

513 South Dudley Street
Burgaw, North Carolina 28425
Toll Free: (800) 927-6656 Local: (910) 259-7291 Fax: (910) 259-7292 Email: info@mojotone.com

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