The Marshall 4×12 Cabinet Revamp Kit

John Manning

After ten years of sliding in and out of trailers and vans, my Marshall 4X12 cabinet, which I bought brand new in 1999, is starting to look a little ragged.  Don’t get me wrong; it still sounds killer, but it may be time to do a little work for aesthetic purposes.  Some of the corner guards have been ripped off, the plastic handles are cracked, what’s left of the Tolex dangles from the sides, and the casters hardly roll.  I’m sure many of you have the same eyesore sitting in your practice spot.

If your cabinet is looking like mine, check out Mojo’s new Marshall 4X12 Revamp Kits.  There’s a kit specifically for the slant cabinet and one for the straight cabinet.  They include everything you need to “revamp” your cabinet into something a little more presentable.  While you’re at it, you may want to consider our re-Tolex service, and our great selection of Tolex and tweed materials.

So, I’m interested in seeing your cabinet carnage.  If you have some photo’s you’d like to share, just post them in the comments section of this blog.  Provide a short back story if you want.

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