I purchased a AV10C to put in my Super Champ XD amp. It made all the difference in the world. Great speaker. Just what I was looking for. Very good cleans and when distorted the breakup in very nice. Thanks for a great speaker.

Scott Fowler
North Carolina

Dear Folks at MOJO, (esp David)

I just received my strat single coil Custom Wound Convertible pickups. They were expertly installed on the pickguard I also purchased by David, I believe. Unbelievable. I am drop jawed in absolute awe with the tone. I do not praise often nor this gregariously.

My 2001 Fender ’62 Vintage RI Strat is now for sale as my new MOJO fueled 2002 HWY 1 Strat BLOWS IT AWAY. The convertible function is very useful and probably the coolest thing to happen with pickups since the humbucker. Also, these pickups are incredibly quiet and not just in 2 and 4 where they are SILENT extraneous noise-wise. I have played all the major pickups and I must honestly say that these are by far the best sounding, feeling, responding (add your favorite expletive)ing pickups hands down.

Market these well and you will have many, many converts. I will be spreading the word with my amp customers and hope to help boost your sales of these fine pickups. Thanks for a superior product, awesome service, and many happy-finger smiles.


Michael Whitney
Whitney Amplification

I anxiously received my bluesbreaker chassis cab, pre-wired with BV25 and a BV30 wired for 16ohms.  I am a Marshall freak and was lucky enough to pick up a well maintained 69′ 50w 1962 bluesbreaker chassis that needed minimal work.

I had many choices as what to do with the chassis and had been looking for a combo to match the tone quality of my vintage Point-To-Point and PCB wired Superleads.

I became a quick study and learned about joint features such as Dado, Finger, Dovetail and so on.  For the money, you guys are the best!  I was looking at spending twice the money for competitors’ similar cab and half as much from other companys inferior assembled cabs.  I just wanted a “no nonsense cab” to give my chasis the best home.  You delivered.

I have both vintage and reissue Marshall cabs (with Blackbacks and newer English Greenbacks).  I read many reviews on speakers.  You guys scored well in the reviews and won my votes for awesome tone without spending a small fortune. […]

Before getting this chassis and cab/speaker combo I have gone through a [lot of amps/cabinets].  All of those combos are sold.   Even though I have had this “Mojobreaker”  for less than 3 days, I can say strong enough that it will be a keeper.

Andrew in sales was extremely helpful and could answer all my questions.  Thank you.  You are awesome!   Even though my girlfriend will call me a liar, my 10 year quest for a vintage plexi sounding NMV combo and other Vintage Marshall Amps is over!


Just wanted to let you know that last night I received my order of custom replacement panels for my ’53 Fender Deluxe.  I have to tell you when I placed the order with you I was a little skeptical about the end result, since the only thing you had to go on was measurements and descriptions given over the phone.  BUT, you guys have exceeded my expectations and hit the ball out of the park!  The back panels and the baffle you guys made for my amp are perfect, in fit and finish and I really couldn’t be happier.  The attention to detail is obvious and I think your stuff is actually better than the original work from Fender in the 50’s.  My kudos to your woodshop and upholstery shop crew.  Thanks to you guys my amp will live again!

Brian D. Williams

I picked up the cab yesterday – fully loaded with my chassis and speakers – EXCELLENT workmanship!  The cab is beautiful!  Thanks very much for the excellent product at a reasonable price!

Bill Phillippe
Pleasanton, CA

I just wanted to write and let you know that the wait for my custom covered 5e3 cabinet was worth it!  You guys did a phenomenal job! As I was sitting here looking at it the thought crossed my mind that it had the look of something a craftsman who really cared about his work had done.  I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t find anything that didn’t seem…well…perfect.  The tweed “chevrons” all match perfectly.  The grill cloth is aligned perfectly.  The feet are evenly spaced, and the nitro lacquer finish is remarkable.  Even a vintage collector friend of mine commented on the authenticity of the work (and he owns an original 1955 Tweed Deluxe to compare it to) and tweed tint.  Thank you for under promising and over-delivering!  Please pass my complements on to your team.

Andy Browning
Jordan, UT

Just a note to say thank you to all at Mojotone. I received my 65 Deluxe Reverb cabinet ahead of schedule. I was very impressed with your workmanship and quality of the materials. The cabinet is beautiful and I love the vintage tweed covering. Excellent craftsmanship, best of all “Made IN  AMERICA”. Really nice to see American craftsmanship. I will recommend Mojotone to anyone I meet. Thanks to all.

Lawrence E. Constantin
Hudson, FL

I recently purchased one of your Gibson size pre-slotted bone nuts.  I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and let you know that I was really impressed with the quality of your product.  The fit and finish was remarkable.  It really saved me a lot of time on my repair job.  I only had to do minimal fitting on the piece to get it in place.  It’s dimensions matched the factory part exactly.  The unbleached bone was very pretty and finished up beautifully.  I was really floored.  Thanks again for a superior product.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Alex Ryan
Narvon, PA.

You folks did a wonderful job on my cabinet it looks amazing!

North Carolina

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to purchase several MoJo Products. My favorite has been the JTM-45 Head along with 2, 1X12 speaker cabinets. WOW. This amp offers gobs of tone, it drips with sounds of SRV, Jimi H… Keep the volume low and play jazz, turn the volume up, and get great overtones, add an over drive pedal and you are in SRV, KWS territiory. Highly recommend this combination. You are not going to get a handwired, top quality amp, for less. More recently purchased the MoJo Semi-Hollow guitar. Finish is superb, set-up was/is right on the money, great price. Having a great time with this instrument. I have been playing since 1964, Mojo products rate high on my list, and I have played many different products over the decades.


Thought I would drop a line and let you know how much I’m enjoying my 2×12 Bluesbreaker ext. cab. Man, just a great piece of gear at a great price. I ordered mine with two of the Mojotone British 30 watters, and I must say I was a little skeptical about ordering them before actually hearing one, but after spending some time with them I really feel like they whip anything out there that I’ve heard, especially for the price. Great tight bottom, and nice mids and sweet highs. Very impressive. I can’t believe these speakers don’t get talked about more than they do. Awesome cab and great speakers!!!!! Keep up the good work and service.

I travel the world taking care of Stephen Stills’ guitars and amps. Recently, a 1958 Fender Tweed Vibrolux was severely damaged in shipping…the cabinet was badly damaged and baffleboard was splintered. Mojo Tone was able to quickly craft us a replica cabinet, provide a replacement baffleboard, cabinet hardware and advise as to how to best repair the damaged original cabinet. We now have the original cabinet re-constructed and it will continue to serve although not on the road. Our replica cabinet holds Stephen’s original Vibrolux amp chassis and looks right, sounds great and is built with quality, from the materials chosen to the joinery, hardware, glue and tweed covering. Without the help of Mojo Tone, a great amp might have been silenced. Thanks! Michael Kaye

Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!!!! I got my bassman cab today and it matches my Quad Reverb Head (Head Box made by Mojo Tone) perfectly. It was packed to perfection and the Mojo 30V Speakers sound excellent!!!!!!!! Thank you guys a million times over. When it comes to quality the only name in the business is MOJO TONE Baby!!!! Thanks again,
George Pittman Jr

Thanks for the cabinet, I knew I was going to love it as soon as I saw it! the tone is awsome, it sounds like it has reverb! projects into the room really nice and clear, AND IT’S LOUD!! My home-built champ thru this thing sounds loud enough for a small club! I am currently building a bassman to be used with this cab, can’t wait. The tartan looks good. Oh by the way, the cover for the cab is beautiful. It fits perfectly. Keep up the great work people!! Sincerely,
Ronald J E Greenaway

Hello Mojo Gang. The UPS man arrived today with my long awaited 1×12 Mojo Special speaker cabinet. This thing is FANTASTIC! It has to be the best deal in modern rock ‘n roll history – and it came exactly the way I ordered it! You guys are terrific. Thanks a million! Jeff Braun
Cincinnati, OH

I just recieved my Tweed Deluxe cabinet and I am very pleased. The attention to detail and historic accuracy are excellent. I am going to purchase all the cabinets my company uses from Mojo. Best Regards,

Dear Mojo Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service on the deluxe reverb top back panel i just ordered. Man that thing got here quick. I’m impressed. Thanks

I just received my Mojotone today. It matches my Fender Deluxe Reverb perfectly and the sound is fabulous. The cab is featherlight and the Jensen’s do their thing just as advertised. Keep up the great work! Thanks from Bennie Thomas in Raleigh, NC. PS – I will certainly send along some business to you guys.

Dear Mojo…. Thanks for your interest in my opinion on the sound of the extension cab. I’ll try and keep this brief, but any brevity to my message shouldn’t be misinterpreted as anything other than that. Simple put: You folks do good work. Now, I’m very fortunate to work with a 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue to begin with. In my opinion, a great amp. What your extension cab did was to make all of the warmth and fullness of the 12″ Jensen…better. I run a 12Au7 in the first preamp stage to lower the gain a bit, and to “warm up” the amp…and your cab just sounded great. Just great. I usually run a little overdrive from a Boss Blues Driver most of the time but last night…didn’t need it. Not that I was driving the amp that hard, it’s just that the “clean” tone was superb. Thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail. I now have a rig that can cover just about any playing situation I may run into…and do it with CLASS and TONE!! I will not hesitate to recommend your company and its products to anyone who I run into who may be interested in a cab, or amp box. As I mentioned inyesterday’s message, your workmanship and pride in what you do is obvious. It’s been a pleasure. Continued success to all of you. Sincerely,

Good morning, I sent a message a couple days ago, and I don’t mean to be repetitive, but I’m not sure it got to you. I recently received the extension cabinet the “Mojo Extension Cabinet.” I just wanted to write and tell all of you that I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I use a Fender Deluxe Reverb and the addition of the cabinet has really brought that amp to life…ahhhhh 4ohms!!! A great sounding cabinet…well made…well done. Thank you for your professionalism and obvious pride in your workmanship. I would not hesitate to recommend your company. Continued success to you, and thanks again. Sincerely,

Hey Andy, I cannot rave enough about the cabinet that you guys made for me. It is beautiful and feels very sturdy. I put my Cellestions in it (Vintage 30 and Heritage 30) and it sounds incredible. All of your guys are great too. This thing took almost a month to get here. I must have called at least 5 times inquiring about it. Your guys were very helpful and patient with a fairly irate customer. My hat goes off to you and your company. Once again you guys have amazed me with your products. Thanks again,
Andy Turner

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