Philips JAN 6080WC OTL Amp Project

Tired of listening to output transformers?  Make your next project an OTL amp using the military-grade Philips JAN 6080WC output tube.  This NOS U.S.A. made tube was subjected to the most rigorous vibration tests for military use, and as a result, should prove to be less microphonic than the Russian versions, and last longer too.

For the low-budget builder, a simple cathode-follower or a common cathode resistor bias will push both sides of the tube in the output section.  This is due to a low plate resistance (280-300Ω), well-matched triodes, and the tube’s ability to pass a lot of current.  These are also great for low impedance headphone drivers in the studio. Compared to other dual-triode configurations, the 6080 is more rugged than the 6AS7G, and much more affordable than the 2A3.
Check out some examples of the 6080/6AS7 used in OTL audio amplifiers:
Then, if you find yourself reminiscing about your days with output transformers, keep our 15W SE transformer in mind.

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