NGM VIDEO: Eight men play Crossroads on an 8-necked guitar |

VIDEO: Eight men play Crossroads on an 8-necked guitar |
(Joe Bosso, Wed 7 Dec 2011, 3:01 pm UTC)

Many a blues concert has ended with an array of guitarists jamming on Crossroads. But this is a first: eight guitarists performing the Robert Johnson classic… on one guitar!

Of course, it helps when that guitar has eight necks. Called the “Rock Ock” – a nod to the Spider-Man villian with eight arms – the instrument weighs 40 pounds, has 154 frets, 51 strings, 51 tuning pegs, and 8 necks.

The eight instruments that comprise the Rock Ock are a mandolin, ukulele, six-string, fretless bass, standard bass, 12-string, baritone guitar, and a seven-string. The guitar was designed by noted artist Gerard Huerta (responsible for the iconic AC/DC logo, among others) and built by Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitars. The guitar hardware was supplied by Mojo Musical Supply while the instrument itself was commissioned by The National Guitar Museum.

According to HP Newquist, executive director of the NGM, “There are dozens of ‘art guitars’ with multiple necks that can’t be played. They’re really just sculptures. So, we at the National Guitar Museum decided to go one better and create a guitar with eight necks…that can actually be played. Our thinking was that if you’re going to create something like this, it should be real. And this one is.”

The above video is pretty darn cool. Looking like they’re playing a game of Twister (we love the one man standing on a ladder!), the eight musicians don’t miss a lick, pulling off an toe-tapping and most inventive rendition of Crossroads.

The Rock Ock will be on display through the end of the year at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida as part of an exhibit entitled “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World.”


BURGAW, NC, April 14, 2011Mojo Musical Supply is pleased to announce and welcome Tom Brantley as Guitar Pickup Restoration and Reproduction Manager.  In addition, Mojo is proud to offer Brantley’s professional pickup rewinding services beginning April 25, 2011.

Brantley joins Mojo Musical Supply’s growing staff having over sixteen years experience with a premier boutique winder repairing and refurbishing pickups for some of the most collectible guitars in the world.  Having wound nearly every pickup known, he has found that most pickups can be repaired or rewound, however, these options are sometimes cost prohibitive. Given such a scenario, Brantley is able to offer customers alternative solutions, such as winding a new custom or reissue pickup. Once his magic is done, the rewound or new custom pickup will be virtually indistinguishable from its original condition both cosmetically and tonally.

Pickup rewinds will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be turned around within three weeks. Priority service requiring a faster turnaround will also be available for an expedited service fee.  Pricing for most models and styles of pic kups and more information are available at or by calling Mojo Musical Supply toll free at (800) 927-6656.

Mojo welcomes Tom, and his family, to the area and looks forward to a prosperous relationship.

Mojo Musical Supply has been working with artists, amp and guitar manufacturers, and tone hobbyists for nearly 20 years as one of the industry’s most recognized parts suppliers and amplifier cabinet manufacturers.

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BURGAW, N.C. April 7, 2011 – René Martinez, Texan guitar guru and on-stage life support for acts such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, and Carlos Santana, has released, in coordination with Mojo Musical Supply, a line of signature guitar pickups along with tech tools and care products inspired from his thirty years of experience as “the Guitar Tech to the Stars.”  Products to be sold under the René Martinez line include a six way signal splitter, René Martinez Big Core guitar strings, René Martinez GraphitAll ® guitar lube string nut lubricant, a multi-functioning string winder, fret board conditioner, guitar polish, and a custom tech tool set.

René Martinez

The luthier and repair master began his career at a music shop in Dallas, Texas in the mid-Seventies where he did work for bigger names like Thin Lizzy, the Talking Heads, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  In March of 1985, Vaughan invited Martinez to go on the road with him as his personal guitar tech.  From there, the tech developed his on-the-spot repair skills along with innovative tools and methods to streamline his craft from which he has built his venerable reputation.

Innovations borne from his years on the road with Vaughan include a six-way signal splitter, a simple device which allowed Vaughan to play his guitar through up to six amplifiers at once, creating the highly sought after Texas blues tone, and the GraphitAll® Guitar Lube string nut lubricant which he developed to prevent Vaughan’s strings from binding― a technique used to keep the guitar in tune longer.

Perhaps the most anticipated products to be released are his signature guitar pickups from Custom Wound by Mojotone.  Martinez will be introducing a blended alnico magnet single coil set as well as a lipstick pickup set. Using boutique-style construction, these pickups were tuned with Martinez’s keen ear for tone― the one which has been entrusted by those aforementioned artists night after night.

All products under the René Martinez line are available exclusively through Mojo Musical Supply.  Mojo has been working with artists, amp and guitar manufacturers, and tone hobbyists for nearly 20 years as one of the industry’s most recognized parts suppliers and amplifier cabinet manufacturers.  The Custom Wound pickup brand, created in 2008, was spun out of Mojo’s contract manufacturing business and has been hailed as one of the leaders in the growing boutique pickup market.



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