2011 Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show Best in Show Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the 2011 Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show! We had a great time with the best vendors, clinics, entertainment and guitars and amps this side of the Mississippi!

So without further adieu, we’d like to announce the Best in Show winners of the 2011 Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show.

Best in Show winners were selected solely by SEGAS attendees.


  • Blackfoot Custom Amplification (Best Amp)
  • Guitar Logistics (Best New Guitar)
  • Music Room Guitars (Best Vintage Guitar)
  • Blackbird Pedalboards (Best New Product / Accessory)


In addition, congratulations also go out to the winners of our 2011 SEGAS Giveaways!

Two winners were drawn for the Lee Dickson Signature Custom Strat Guitar Assemblies – designed, wired and personally signed by Lee Dickson, Eric Clapton’s Guitar Tech of 20+ years. Because you did not need to be present at the time of the drawing, we do not have photos to share of the following lucky winners:

Black Strat Set Winner
Thom Mansfield

Brown Strat Set Winner
Andy Rhodes

Thanks again for all your support and for making the 2nd Annual Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show a big success!

2011 Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show – Sept 24 & 25, 2011

Southeast, we’re ready for a fantastic show this weekend and we hope you’ll join us!

If you’re attending this years’ show, don’t forget to submit your entries for Best in Show in 4 categories:

  • Best New Guitar
  • Best Vintage Guitar
  • Best Amp
  • Best New Product/Accessory

The Best in Show winners will receive an award at the end of the day Sunday, but you’ll be automatically entered to win one of our 3 great giveaway prizes!

Ballots will be available at the SEGAS Welcome Booth and in the show programs.

See you at the show!

“GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World” Exhibition Update

Here’s an update from our friends at National Guitar Museum on their rockin’ road tour to change the way people are getting exposed to the guitar with “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World”

We’ve seen an average of 1,000 people per day come through the exhibit over the past month. The exhibit has been featured on the cover of the Orlando Sentinel (along with three additional reports) and has been covered by Fox News, Channel 13, and the local NPR affiliate. Not to mention all the web coverage and Facebook tie-ins.

Performance and appearances in just the first four weeks have featured Roger McGuinn (who received our Lifetime Achievement Award), Pat Travers, Larry Coryell, Vic Flick, and Muriel Anderson. In addition to the contributions of individual luthiers and manufacturers, special events so far have already featured the Taylor Road Show (sold out) and Dean Guitars.

That’s all since the middle of June. And we’re just getting started. Orlando is the first stop on our tour, and we’re taking it all over the country. More than sixty instruments, twenty interactives and videos, photos, banners, artifacts and lots of branding and partnership opportunities are all part of “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World.”


Our Traveling Exhibition - “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World” - is in Orlando, Florida through September 2011. Now booking future dates!
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/guitarmuseum
HP Newquist
Executive Director
The National GUITAR Museum


The 2nd Annual Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show: The Aristocrats

The ARISTOCRATS will be releasing their CD soooooon, followed by a loooong tour. Stay tuned.

  • Jun 18 Sat 6PM – Wild West Guitars in Riverside
  • Jun 19 Sun 6PM – Alva’s Showroom in San Pedro
  • Jun 21 Tue 9PM, 11PM – The Baked Potato in Studio City
  • Jun 22 Wed 9PM, 11PM – The Baked Potato in Studio City
  • Jun 24 Fri 8PM, 10PM – Biscuits & Blues in San Francisco
  • July 17~24 in Seoul, Korea
  • Jul 26th Sendai
  • Jul 27th Koriyama
  • Jul 28th Tokyo
  • Jul 29th Yokohama
  • Jul 30th Nagoya
  • Aug 1st Osaka
  • Aug 2nd Kochi
  • Aug 3rd Departure
  • 9/24 Sat – Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show in Raleigh
  • 9/26 Mon – Show in DC (Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center)
  • 9/28 Wed – Show in NY
  • 9/29 Thu – Berklee Performance Center concert
  • 9/30 Fri – Clinics at Berklee
  • 10/1 Sat – Burlington
  • 10/4 Tue – Montreal
  • 10/6 Thu – Show/clinic in Toronto (Cosmo Music in Toronto)
  • 10/7 Fri – Show/clinic in Toronto (Cosmo Music in Toronto)
  • 10/9 Sun – Show in Chicago (Drum Pad in Chicago)


BURGAW, NC, April 14, 2011Mojo Musical Supply is pleased to announce and welcome Tom Brantley as Guitar Pickup Restoration and Reproduction Manager.  In addition, Mojo is proud to offer Brantley’s professional pickup rewinding services beginning April 25, 2011.

Brantley joins Mojo Musical Supply’s growing staff having over sixteen years experience with a premier boutique winder repairing and refurbishing pickups for some of the most collectible guitars in the world.  Having wound nearly every pickup known, he has found that most pickups can be repaired or rewound, however, these options are sometimes cost prohibitive. Given such a scenario, Brantley is able to offer customers alternative solutions, such as winding a new custom or reissue pickup. Once his magic is done, the rewound or new custom pickup will be virtually indistinguishable from its original condition both cosmetically and tonally.

Pickup rewinds will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be turned around within three weeks. Priority service requiring a faster turnaround will also be available for an expedited service fee.  Pricing for most models and styles of pic kups and more information are available at www.mojotone.com or by calling Mojo Musical Supply toll free at (800) 927-6656.

Mojo welcomes Tom, and his family, to the area and looks forward to a prosperous relationship.

Mojo Musical Supply has been working with artists, amp and guitar manufacturers, and tone hobbyists for nearly 20 years as one of the industry’s most recognized parts suppliers and amplifier cabinet manufacturers.

For more information, please contact:  sales@mojotone.com

Show Us Your Mojo – Guitar Builds by Chuck Chambers

I wanted to share some pictures of a couple guitars I built using Mojo bodies and pickup kits.  I wound the pickups with your PE wire.  All of the items were top quality and look, play and sound great.  Thanks for providing quality parts and trustworthy service!!!!

Chuck Chambers
Chambers Custom Guitars and Amps

Chuck Chambers / Chambers Custom Guitars and Amps


BURGAW, N.C. April 7, 2011 – René Martinez, Texan guitar guru and on-stage life support for acts such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, and Carlos Santana, has released, in coordination with Mojo Musical Supply, a line of signature guitar pickups along with tech tools and care products inspired from his thirty years of experience as “the Guitar Tech to the Stars.”  Products to be sold under the René Martinez line include a six way signal splitter, René Martinez Big Core guitar strings, René Martinez GraphitAll ® guitar lube string nut lubricant, a multi-functioning string winder, fret board conditioner, guitar polish, and a custom tech tool set.

René Martinez

The luthier and repair master began his career at a music shop in Dallas, Texas in the mid-Seventies where he did work for bigger names like Thin Lizzy, the Talking Heads, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  In March of 1985, Vaughan invited Martinez to go on the road with him as his personal guitar tech.  From there, the tech developed his on-the-spot repair skills along with innovative tools and methods to streamline his craft from which he has built his venerable reputation.

Innovations borne from his years on the road with Vaughan include a six-way signal splitter, a simple device which allowed Vaughan to play his guitar through up to six amplifiers at once, creating the highly sought after Texas blues tone, and the GraphitAll® Guitar Lube string nut lubricant which he developed to prevent Vaughan’s strings from binding― a technique used to keep the guitar in tune longer.

Perhaps the most anticipated products to be released are his signature guitar pickups from Custom Wound by Mojotone.  Martinez will be introducing a blended alnico magnet single coil set as well as a lipstick pickup set. Using boutique-style construction, these pickups were tuned with Martinez’s keen ear for tone― the one which has been entrusted by those aforementioned artists night after night.

All products under the René Martinez line are available exclusively through Mojo Musical Supply.  Mojo has been working with artists, amp and guitar manufacturers, and tone hobbyists for nearly 20 years as one of the industry’s most recognized parts suppliers and amplifier cabinet manufacturers.  The Custom Wound pickup brand, created in 2008, was spun out of Mojo’s contract manufacturing business and has been hailed as one of the leaders in the growing boutique pickup market.



For more information, please contact:

Email:  michael@mojotone.com

Tel:  (800) 927-6656

Website:  www.mojotone.com


Q & A – Replacing / Biasing Amp Tubes

Here are a few questions we’ve received about replacing and biasing amp tubes (see iMojo link below). Andy Turner, Mojo Co-Owner, provides a few answers:

Q:  How bright should the filaments light up with new tubes? Preamps, power tubes el84, 6l6, 5y3 rectifier tubes…shouldn’t they all light up very bright signifying they’re new and full of life??

A:  Not only do different tubes have different filaments and have them in different places – but also different manufacturers of the same tube have different placement and intensity. I am afraid each tube type and manufacture is its own study in filament science. To make matters even more confusing, even if you could see the filament directly in every tube, it would not tell you anything about the life of the tube. All it does is warm up the tube so that electrons will flow.  The plates and cathodes which do not glow unless the tube operated incorrectly are where the tube “wears out”.

Q: I have a Fender Twin amp an every time I switch it on – after maybe 15 minutes - a high pitch ring starts coming through. Is that a sign that it isn’t biased? Or is it a easy fix?

A: Probably one of the input gain stages is micro phonic – or the reverb return. If your amp has had output tubes replaced without proper biasing, no doubt it should be checked. However, it sounds likely that you problem could be solved with preamp tubes.

Q:  What happens if I bias it, the tube voltages or whatever don’t match up? What is the best way to drain the amp of all the excess power before I start work on the amp?

A: Opinions vary on what is too far unbalanced with regard to good tone. Some people intentionally unbalance an amp. With regard to a properly functioning output section, you would want each side to be within a 3mA of each other. You can usually drain an amp with a 10K 5w cement resistor and a set of test clips. Amp off strap the resistor across the first filter.

Do you have questions ? Email us at info@mojotone.com.