BURGAW, NC – January 16, 2012 – Mojo Musical Supply is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire Lopo Line, Inc., manufacturer of high quality boutique and stock amplifier cabinets, located in Apple Valley, California.

The Lopo Line acquisition will provide a west coast manufacturing and distribution presence for Mojo Musical Supply, currently one of the industry’s leading guitar and amplifier parts suppliers and amplifier cabinet manufacturers, headquartered in Burgaw, North Carolina.

Since 2007, Lopo Line, Inc. has offered amplifier cabinets with an emphasis on quality, competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer service, making such a merger a perfect fit for Mojo Musical Supply as they share those same business objectives and principles.

Mojo Musical Supply ( has been in business for nearly 20 years and currently manufactures amplifier cabinets for over 90 boutique amplifier companies. With the Lopo Line merger, that number will likely double.

Said, Michael McWhorter, CEO of Mojo Musical Supply, “This is the perfect opportunity for Mojo to provide faster customer service for our mid-west and West Coast customers and will give us additional capacity to meet the growing needs of amplifier manufacturers as well as the guitar player community.”

The Lopo Line, Inc. acquisition is expected to be completed by January 16, 2012.


For more information, please contact:

Mojotone’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale

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NGM VIDEO: Eight men play Crossroads on an 8-necked guitar |

VIDEO: Eight men play Crossroads on an 8-necked guitar |
(Joe Bosso, Wed 7 Dec 2011, 3:01 pm UTC)

Many a blues concert has ended with an array of guitarists jamming on Crossroads. But this is a first: eight guitarists performing the Robert Johnson classic… on one guitar!

Of course, it helps when that guitar has eight necks. Called the “Rock Ock” – a nod to the Spider-Man villian with eight arms – the instrument weighs 40 pounds, has 154 frets, 51 strings, 51 tuning pegs, and 8 necks.

The eight instruments that comprise the Rock Ock are a mandolin, ukulele, six-string, fretless bass, standard bass, 12-string, baritone guitar, and a seven-string. The guitar was designed by noted artist Gerard Huerta (responsible for the iconic AC/DC logo, among others) and built by Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitars. The guitar hardware was supplied by Mojo Musical Supply while the instrument itself was commissioned by The National Guitar Museum.

According to HP Newquist, executive director of the NGM, “There are dozens of ‘art guitars’ with multiple necks that can’t be played. They’re really just sculptures. So, we at the National Guitar Museum decided to go one better and create a guitar with eight necks…that can actually be played. Our thinking was that if you’re going to create something like this, it should be real. And this one is.”

The above video is pretty darn cool. Looking like they’re playing a game of Twister (we love the one man standing on a ladder!), the eight musicians don’t miss a lick, pulling off an toe-tapping and most inventive rendition of Crossroads.

The Rock Ock will be on display through the end of the year at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida as part of an exhibit entitled “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World.”

Crank it up to 11 Today! Happy National Metal Day…

This Is Spinal TapMGM

The entire metal community is celebrating today (Nov. 11)  as National Metal Day and cranking their favorite tunes … well, to 11. There’s something about the date — the synchronicity of numbers, the cutting parallel lines  — that when 11/11/11 is written out that looks pretty metal. But the real metal-ness of National Metal Day dates back to the classic 1984 rock movie satire ‘This is Spinal Tap.’

In one of the films best and most quoted scenes (watch below), guitarist Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) is showing his gear to filmmaker Marty DiBergi (actual filmmaker Rob Reiner) and he points out that his Marshall amps don’t go to “10,” like most amplifiers, instead all of the dials go to “11.”

When asked if the amps are louder than those used by other bands, the slightly dense Tufnel says “Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?” Continuing the gag, DiBergi aks, “Why don’t you make 10 louder, and make that be the top and make that a little louder,” Tufnel pauses like a deer in headlights for a few moments, points to the amp and repeats, “These go to 11.”

To celebrate the legendary film,, iTunes and X-Box are selling ‘This is Spinal Tap’ for $4.99 between now and Monday. In addition, VH1 Classics and PalladiaHD are airing the film throughout the week. In addition, today is also being dubbed Nigel Tufnel Day. You can keep track of the day’s festivities on Twitter and Facebook at the hashtag #GoTo11.

For a “fake” metal band, Spinal Tap have done pretty well, releasing three albums — the 1984 film soundtrack, 1992′s ‘Break Like the Wind’ and 2009′s ‘Back From the Dead.’ In addition, their songs have been included in the video games ‘Guitar Hero 2,’ ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Rock Band 2.’

Watch the Memorable “These Go to 11″ Clip From ‘This Is Spinal Tap’


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